Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1528) was a German painter, printmaker and theorist from Nuremberg. His still-famous works include the Apocalypse woodcuts, Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513), Saint Jerome in his Study (1514) and Melencolia I (1514), which has been the subject of extensive analysis and interpretation. His watercolours mark him as one of the first European landscape artists, while his ambitious woodcuts revolutionized the potential of that medium. Durer's introduction of classical motifs into Northern art, through his knowledge of Italian artists and German humanists, have secured his reputation as one of the most important figures of the Northern Renaissance. This is reinforced by his theoretical treatise which involve principles of mathematics, perspective and ideal proportions.

His prints established his reputation across Europe when he was still in his twenties, and he has been conventionally regarded as the greatest artist of the Renaissance in Northern Europe ever since.

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Agony In The Garden - Albrecht Durer -
Agony In The Garden
Hans Tucher - Albrecht Durer -
Hans Tucher
Coat Of Arms With A Skull - Albrecht Durer -
Coat Of Arms With A Skull
The Great Triumphal Car - Albrecht Durer -
The Great Triumphal Car
Illumination from Priere book - Albrecht Durer -
Illumination from Priere book
The Lamentation 1521 - Albrecht Durer -
The Lamentation 1521
Self Portrait in a Fur-Collard Robe - Albrecht Durer -
Self Portrait in a Fur-Collard Robe
Five Male Nudes - Albrecht Durer -
Five Male Nudes
The Great Calvary - Albrecht Durer -
The Great Calvary
Melencolia - Albrecht Durer -
Albert Durer the Elder at Age 70 - Albrecht Durer -
Albert Durer the Elder at Age 70
Head of a Stag - Albrecht Durer -
Head of a Stag

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Page 10 of 78   Paintings: 933