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The Knight Death And The Devil

Albrecht Durer

The Knight  Death And The Devil - Albrecht Durer -

Title:The Knight Death And The Devil
Painted by:Albrecht Durer
Location:Private Collection

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i find this painting very detailed and interesting.
this painting
Posted by britteny wood on 30.October 2009, 12:58

If you look at the horses back right leg you can see a mistake (i think). It looks as though he had etched it in a lower position than what you see! :)

Posted by Zach on 14.October 2010, 14:17

It’s an engraving not a painting or an etching, and that’s not the horses leg it’s the devils cloven hoof…

Posted by Geoff on 17.November 2010, 13:06

Historical note: This print was given to Adolf Hitler in 1933 by the city's mayor on the eve of the Nuremberg rally. A portent of things to come...
Posted by L Dionne on 11.June 2012, 00:54

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