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Self-Portrait II

Albrecht Durer

Self-Portrait II - Albrecht Durer -

Title:Self-Portrait II
Painted by:Albrecht Durer

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I am a very big fan of Albrecht Durer.I admired him.He is divine artist. His self portraits are fantastic. Divine... I am writing a poetry and I wrote some songs inspired of Albrecht Durer and all beautiful what he done. With best regards Lydia
Albrecht Durer
Posted by Lydia on 8.August 2009, 18:56

This is Amazing. I am s inspired i would dream of being able to create such amazing Work.
Posted by Jade-Louise Fox on 26.November 2009, 08:41

I just love Albrecht Durer, He's an amazing artist and a great lover ;)

Posted by Michael Jackson on 26.October 2011, 18:16

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