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Hands I

Albrecht Durer

Hands I - Albrecht Durer -

Title:Hands I
Painted by:Albrecht Durer

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I've heard the story behind this painting. It's Albert Durer's(Albrecht's brother) hand. He worked as a blacksmith in order to support Albrecht's dream of becoming a painter, giving up his dream of becoming one too. It's a very touching story of sacrifice and love. The painting tells a lot too. I love it.

Posted by selene on 15.August 2009, 20:46

i really love this painting you should do another one like it, i would purchase one but i don't have any money...
i love it
Posted by Jermisha S\weat on 2.September 2009, 15:11

Very Detailed
Praying Hands
Posted by Kevin Nguyen on 30.March 2010, 13:16

I like this painting. My mother has one just like it in her dining room above the table. I never knew the artist that created this. It's nice to know. I reallty adore this painting.

Posted by Ashley Atlast on 9.December 2010, 22:36

ıt is a symbol of sacrifice.It must remind us many virtues in the past we don't have any unfortunately today
Posted by banu on 4.May 2011, 09:31

I love and admire the sheer talent in all his works but this us simply beautiful
praying hands
Posted by Jacqs Frederick on 13.May 2011, 06:51

The praying hands by Durer served as my inspiration, my template of being as an artist life as we know it is full of sacrifices...
Posted by Michael l. Magpantay on 8.November 2011, 22:57

I grow up in the belief that those were the hands of Dürer's mother. Here I heard for the first time the story about his brother. Those hands are not the hands of a hard working man, broken and disformed. No way!!

Posted by sigrid on 10.December 2011, 20:57

I just read the story of this great Artist, I was moved to check his work immediately. I believe that his brother Albert would have been equally proud of Albrecht's achievement and from his artwork, I believe that their parents allowed God to be first in the lives of her 18 children and God will reward not only Albrecht's effort but that of his brother Albert. Isn't that what Jesus did for us too? I don't know if I would have done what Albert did but to God be the praise. I am happy that his work has been preserved for people like me too see. Keep up the good work, let his legacy live on.
HONOURING A PROMISE even when a coin is tossed.
Posted by Jenis Archibald on 13.December 2011, 02:12

I really love his wprks and this is one of my favorites!!

Posted by Darcie Bell on 27.April 2012, 11:16

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